Holiness is what makes God’s love incomparable. Man’s version of love is tolerance disguised as compassion and discretion, acceptance without change and promotion of self. God’s love is a vehement flame many waters cannot quench. He is a consuming fire, a consuming love. His love consumes because it flows from the bedrock of who God is: holy. His is a love that purifies completely.
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A man with an unclean spirit cried out…”Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are–the Holy One of God!” (Mark 1). In the presence of Holiness only one of two things can happen: transformation or destruction. For the enemy, it’s not a question of if, but when. There is no debate. Satan and his demons know that the only outcome of being in the presence of the Holy Christ is destruction. And…His holy presence is in you.

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The seraphim around His throne are full of eyes around and within. Imagine what they’re seeing right now! And do they cry “love, love, love” or “good, good, good” or “mercy, mercy mercy”? Interestingly, no. They can’t help but cry out the decisive, fundamental and indispensable characteristic of God, “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.”
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Change change change

I remember about three or four years ago there was a season where I kept hearing the Lord declare, in a loud voice, CHANGE!  CHANGE!  CHANGE!
As I heard His voice call out this word over and over again it felt like He was standing on a cliff, seeing a season soon to come and calling it in.  And it was going to be a season of massive change, on a broad scale.    It felt like thousands of people’s lives were going to change…..  careers, homes, cities, circumstances, family, etc.  It felt like cities were going to change….  countries were going to change…    whole atmosphere’s and cultures were going to change.  I had a hard time putting words to it because it felt so strong.   I knew it was going to be both glorious and dreadful.  Great and mighty breakthroughs, amazing outpouring of the Presence of the Lord,  alongside ever increasing darkness in this world.
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Today was a busy day with our Arabic friends….

Today I had the priveledge of teaching a class to a ladies group in Syria.  Rana (our good friend and pastors wife in Damascus) leads a group of women in prayer and bible study every week in their home, and they skyped me in today.  They had already been in prayer for two hours by the time I was able to join them.   We had a great time talking about our position in the Heavenly realms, seated at the right hand of the Father In Christ Jesus, FAR ABOVE all principalities, powers, rulers and dominions.

We are far above.
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Syria Update

Hello all!

Many have asked for an update on the situation in Syria, from Rana and Emil’s perspective.  There’s many things they can’t talk about openly, so this will be touching only certain topics.

Bad news first;   The danger is obviously increasing.   The fighting has come fully into Damascus, as you can see on the news.   Rana and Emil have been hearing the bombs going off all night, every night, for quite some time.  Now they’re hearing gun fire in the streets.    They said it’s so much more than just the two sides fighting.   What is causing more danger is the looting, the raping, the kidnapping…    the crime.   They don’t leave their home unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.
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Middle East

Hello Friends!

You know how you can be headed so strongly down one path that God has to pull a donkey on ya in order to get your attention? Yeah… that’s how I feel. Only I’m determined not to beat that donkey into submitting to my will. Ha! (Numbers 22:21-23). Let me explain.

First of all, I need to let you know of some significant changes that have taken place. Tommie Naumann, the crazy Sweedish missionary (and friend) who has brought us into his churches in the Balkans, and headed up the ministry throughout the Middle East, has decided to take a sabbatical. He’s remaining in his ministry in the Balkans, but he’s backing down from the Middle East ministry for a season, taking time to refresh and build up himself and his family. He has asked that Craig and I step in over the work in the Middle East. We, of course, are happy to do this. So we have been spending quite a bit of time in various skype meetings with the M.E. pastors and leaders, as well as others who have joined us in the ministry over the years. We’re holding it all before the Lord, asking Him what this next season is to hold.
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England Itinerary!

We’re getting ready to leave for England on Wednesday! Whoop whoop! We will be in Exeter with the EHOP (House of Prayer) folks doing a conference October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If you’re in the area, come on by!


Then we’re heading over to Portsmouth for some leadership meetings on the 5th and 6th. Saturday night the 6th is an open meeting at their church, Portsdown Community Church,
I can’t even put to words what I’m feeling in the Spirit over England these days.  Prayer for this trip has been intense!  The Holy Spirit is speaking, brewing in power, and building the expectancy for His Glory to be revealed.  Jesus….   oh oh Jesus, we love you.

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O.k., I have a confession to make. I’ve gotten sidetracked with the Akouo Facebook page and have ignored my blog and my email list! Oh how sad.

Here I sit, on a Monday morning with coffee in hand. I’m looking forward to a day set aside for prayer. There are seasons where the Lord seems to open a door in the deep inviting and wooing you come in and dwell with Him. Yeah…. that’s the season I’m in. In these times everything else must take a back seat. In these seasons everything else is less important.   Our King is calling us to BE with Him in the deepest places of prayer. Can I enter His gates with no burden of intercession, or problem that needs fixing, or revelation that I’m begging for, just soaring with the King wherever He wants to go? Absolutely yes. 🙂


There’s a group of people going through the 30-day prophetic meditations again (written in 2010). If you’re interested, click here and take one a day at a time (or go at your own pace, of course).
A week from Wednesday (the 26th) Nancy and I head to England once again. We get to teach and minister with two different communities while there. Our friends Peter and Mariette Stott in Portsmouth, and our new EHOP friends in Exeter. The topics will be ranging from the Voice of God, to mentoring the younger generation, to intimacy in prayer, etc. We’ll also have plenty of time to be with the Lord face to face, seeking His present word for these communities.

Times and seasons. The Lord is wanting to speak to us about the times and seasons we’re in. Please ask Him where He has you and how you’re to walk in your current season.

The women’s conference in the Middle East (originally scheduled for the first weekend in November) has been postponed. We feel the Lord was speaking about backing up a little and spending time with the leadership teams in these various churches. (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt). As our friends in this region sought the Lord, they felt this was truly the Lord’s direction, so we’re making plans towards this end.


This time set aside with these leaders feels so significant, I have no words. There is a Holy Presence already on this gathering as I pray, it drops me to the floor.  As you know, the trial and tension in the Middle East is growing daily. The leaders of these churches are desperately seeking the Lord’s direction in every area.

The Kingdom is to advance at all costs. The name of Christ will be glorified, no matter what the circumstances are around us.  Pray for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.  They need our strength, our love, our faith in the power of prayer.

These leaders are pulling together in unity, and passion for HIS name.  This, in and of itself, is not a common thing in this region!  These are amazing men and women of God!

That’s all for now.  I’ll catch you up on more later.

Love you much,


Blazing Love


His love burns so pure and clean.  

So intensely, so unconditionally, so holy….    so true.  

His love burns through ALL externals, all behaviors, all rights and wrongs.  His love sears past all lesser things and aims straight for the essence of who we are at our core.  

There’s nothing weak about this love.  There’s nothing about this Love that compromises the truth, or minimizes perversion, or overlooks the obstructive nature of wickedness.   
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