Our Visit in Tulsa

We have had a wonderful time with Josef Zorob in Tulsa Oklahoma!  Thank you Tulsa for hosting us so well.  It’s an astonishing thing to see a bridge being built between nations, as the body of Christ comes together from various countries.  If you would like more information about Josef and the work that we’re doing in the Middle East please feel free to email me (Chris Westhoff) at

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The Forest

Hello Friends! 

Pastor Josef Zorob from the church in Beirut Lebanon is coming to the States for a visit!  We’re so stinkin excited we can hardly stand ourselves.

He will be visiting three different cities while he’s here.  Blacksburg Virginia, Tulsa Oklahoma and Indianapolis Indiana.  In each city he will be joining us for some meetings where he can share his shocking, miraculous story, talk about what our amazing Father is doing in the Middle East and get to know the people who have been pouring their time, prayer and resources into the Kingdom of God in Beirut.

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Middle East Update!

The Middle East conference in Beirut is just around the corner (March 6-9th).  The excitement in the air surrounding our time there is palatable.  The conference has exploded in growth this year.  We’ve outgrown our normal accommodations (sensing a theme??) and have had to stretch out into nearby hotels.  There are large groups of people coming from Syria, Jordan, Egypt and even some from Iraq, as well as the locals in Lebanon.

The border between Syria and Lebanon is currently open.  Because of this, the people from Syria are flocking to this conference.  They have been living in a war torn environment for a couple years now, and they are so very hungry for an encounter with the Lord.   There are about 70 people coming from Syria alone and we’re overjoyed about this!    There are thousands and thousands of refugees escaping Syria right now.  But THIS group of passionate believers are determined to STAY in Syria to bring the light of Christ.  They are clamoring to make it to this conference to meet with other believers and encounter our Lord.  Then they will, by choice, re-enter Syria to bring the love of Christ to a violent and hurting nation.
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Hello Friends!

Happy Happy New Year! Wow. What a year this has been. Epic, really.

But now it’s time to look forward.

I wanted to share what’s been on my heart for 2013. But let me first back up a bit to put it in context.
For years now I’ve seen this picture from the Lord. It comes before me quite often…. in prayer, while preaching, ministering, worshipping… but the picture has always been the same. I would see a very large sea of people that I knew was representative of the body of Christ. They would all be crouched over a bit, like they were huddled down on the floor. As I watched, I would see one person stand up. Then another. Then another. But I would never see more than a handful of people stand up, even though my heart was electric, anticipating more people to rise. Then the picture would stop.
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England trip in January!

We’re excited to go back to England again next month!  This time I’ll be bringing a team of six women (myself included) to minister in three different cities.  We’ll be putting on a Worship retreat for the women at Highway Church in Bicester (near Oxford), then heading over to do a conference at the IHOP in Exeter, then down to Chichester to speak at the Sunday morning service at Revelation Church.

God is moving in Mighty ways in England.  There are SO MANY prophetic words about the upcoming outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will begin in England, move up through the UK and Europe, then jump over to the States.  After being there this past September/October I truly believe they’re seeing the beginning movements of the Spirit of the Lord stirring the waters.
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Situation in Syria

December 4th, 2012

Hello Friends!

Many of you have continued to ask about the situation in Syria.  I can’t thank you enough for holding the Syrian church in prayer!  They are in full blown civil war, and the situation just gets worse and worse every day.  BUT, with the Lord there’s always awe and wonder no matter what is happening!   He ALWAYS breaks through!

For those of you who are new to this email list (and this ministry in general), we work closely with a few churches throughout the Middle East.  We have journeyed with these incredible believers for several years.  One of these churches is in Syria, pastors Rana and Emil.  They are very good friends, and they pastor a strong, beautiful, on-fire church in Damascus.  In fact, to our knowledge it’s the only Spirit-filled church in the nation.
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Holiness is based on the One who calls you and not you yourself. Your ‘holy doing’ is based on His Holy Being in you. It is Christ initiated. Christ has become for us our holiness (1 Cor.1:30). You share in His divine nature. God’s cal

l of holiness is not a mean spirited joke or an impossible invitation, but a supernaturally natural outcome for the son and daughter of God.

But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy” (1 Peter 1).
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