Today I had the priveledge of teaching a class to a ladies group in Syria.  Rana (our good friend and pastors wife in Damascus) leads a group of women in prayer and bible study every week in their home, and they skyped me in today.  They had already been in prayer for two hours by the time I was able to join them.   We had a great time talking about our position in the Heavenly realms, seated at the right hand of the Father In Christ Jesus, FAR ABOVE all principalities, powers, rulers and dominions.

We are far above.

I then spoke with Josef (pastor in Beirut) to make plans for our conference in March.  He told me that there was trouble brewing in Jordan.    I couldn’t find anything on the news, so I contacted Vivian (pastors wife in Jordan) and found out that the government had severely raised the prices of many mandatory items (gas for their cars, to heat their home, etc.).  In response the muslim extremists revolted. She asked us to cover them in prayer tomorrow, explaining that the muslims will wait until after noontime prayer on friday and then they will strike.

Then, a while later I checked back in with Rana (Syria).  While we were talking she let out a gasp and put me on hold as she ran to the window.  Another explosion.

All our friends are doing well.  Thank you Lord for your grace and protection.

These pastors and friends in the MIddle East continue to amaze me.  They’re determination to live their life for the sake of Christ in the midst of extreme circumstances convicts my heart every day.  It also gives me great courage to face whatever future our country may face.   What I’ve seen in our Arabic brothers and sisters is the profound reality that in the middle of our greatest fear, The ONE who dwells inside of us shows Himself strong.

Greater is HE who is in you, then he who is in the world.

Grace and Truth,