When I got off the plane from Beirut my wonderful husband had roses for me. Within a couple of days the roses were wilted over, shriveled up and one final breath away from extinction. They stayed like that for the next two or three days (can’t remember exactly) and every time I looked at them I thought, “I should really throw those away.” But then, as is the case so often, something would catch my attention and I was off in another direction. Then on Thanksgiving day we woke up to the roses looking as you see in this picture. They were completely resurrected! They were standing up straight, tall and strong, in full beautiful bloom. We had never seen anything like it! We marveled at those roses for the next week as they declared resurrection beauty in our midst. The Spirit of the Lord was on this declaration. Every time I looked and marveled, I felt the Presence of the Lord and knew that He was speaking. 2011will certainly be a year of resurrected life and beauty. I also felt the Lord say that we would see many people nearly buried by internal death this year, and we were to declare LIFE to the Divinely Created plantings within them.