to capture my vision
this is what You want
to keep my eyes from darting
one direction to another
scattered and distracted with so many thoughts, so many things

the training of my vision is on Your mind
drawing my vision to You
my dwelling place

to look at You
face to face
blinders on each side

to live life from this place
my heart captured
utterly fixated
upon Your face

this is my internal dwelling place
this is where I go in prayer

Oh… to live there
all the time
from that place
that internal place

its a training of my vision
the Father says to me
where my vision goes
my heart will follow

You are within me
You are within
my innermost being
my spirit is one with Your spirit

we are one
intimately joined
in captivating harmony

so many things
so many thoughts
posing as holy things

oh eyes of mine
stay focused on Him
forever fixed on Him

You’re my life, Lord
You’re the sigh in my soul
so many things come and go
but You…

You make my heart dance

to breath with you
is the way I wish to live
simply yours

seasons come and go
increase or decrease

Jesus is

face to face with my rescuer
nose to nose with the Lover of my soul

my Creator

I was your idea

I am because you are
we are one


union with God Himself
I was created for union

I only make sense
within Him