Hello Friends! 

Pastor Josef Zorob from the church in Beirut Lebanon is coming to the States for a visit!  We’re so stinkin excited we can hardly stand ourselves.

He will be visiting three different cities while he’s here.  Blacksburg Virginia, Tulsa Oklahoma and Indianapolis Indiana.  In each city he will be joining us for some meetings where he can share his shocking, miraculous story, talk about what our amazing Father is doing in the Middle East and get to know the people who have been pouring their time, prayer and resources into the Kingdom of God in Beirut.

If you’re in Virginia the schedule of events will be given through Rick Sizemore and Dwelling Place.
Josef and myself will be in Tulsa from July 4th through the 10th.  I will let you know details as soon.   But for right now I would encourage you to keep Friday night the 5th open on your calendar for an amazing get together at the McCoy’s home.   Believers Church will also be having Josef speak on Sunday morning the 7th.

Then he’ll be in Indianapolis from July 10th to the 15th.   We’ll be having a gathering at the Doudts home on Friday night the 12th.  If you’re interested in getting to know Akouo in an up front and personal way, this would be a great gathering to attend.   Josef’s church is one of the main churches we’re working with in the Middle East.  You’ll love getting to know him!

Here’s what God has been up to with us;  Craig and I,  (and several others) have been journeying together in this ministry for 8 years now.   All we’ve done is listen to what the Lord has told us to do, then do it.  It’s really been that simple.  We’ve ministered in 10 different nations and have seen amazing, miraculous, Kingdom advancing life take place by simply following His Voice.  He has poured out His Spirit before our very eyes on a regular basis.  I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!   Since moving to Indianapolis we have taken significant time to soak in His Presence and seek the depths His heart. During some of these times I feel as though He zoomed the camera lens way back and showed me the forest we have been walking in.  I was SO enjoying the trees, but when I saw the forest I was blown away.  We are starting to see what He has been up to the whole time….   We are starting to see His big picture and we couldn’t be happier.

The great commission is a call to disciple nations.  Jesus will build His church, but we are called to make disciples.  We’re leaning in deeply, and asking the Father for new revelation on what it even means to make disciples.  And He’s been showing us.   We know that He has narrowed down our field to focus completely on the Middle East and the UK.  We don’t feel called to scatter random bullets.  Instead we feel called to build with a sharper focus, in the lands that God has called us to build.   Our primary focus has been coming along side, building up, equipping, encouraging, caring for and mentoring leaders.  In that process we’ve also had a great love for helping them equip and build up their churches, empowering and releasing women and calling people up higher in the prophetic.   In this next season we feel the call to go deeper into substantial, meatier discipleship.  The Lord has shown us a plan, and I will be sharing that with you all soon!

I tell my American friends regularly that we are totally and wonderfully spoiled with the level of teaching that is available in the States.  Other nations (The Middle East specifically) don’t have as much teaching available to them.  They are asking us for more.  They’ve asked us for help with their marriages, help with more maturity in the prophetic, help with their parenting, help with the discipleship of their people, help with their youth, help with moving in the Spirit……     They are SO hungry and very very ready for more.

Will you help us?  In order to give more, we will need more help from others.  We need more intercessors and we need more financial supporters.  This is our prayer request.  (If you feel to help,please click here. We are asking specifically for regular monthly supporters, but all are welcome!  ha!)

We are so grateful for the help we’ve had thus far!  Oh my goodness….  we couldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for all of you.  Please know that you are the fuel that has propelled us continually forward.

If you haven’t seen the pictures on the Akouo Facebook page from our last conference in Beirut, please take the time to look!  Here’s the link.  Scroll down a bit until you see them.  There are several different albums….  all wonderful!

We love you all so VERY much!
Chris and Craig