Hello all!

Many have asked for an update on the situation in Syria, from Rana and Emil’s perspective.  There’s many things they can’t talk about openly, so this will be touching only certain topics.

Bad news first;   The danger is obviously increasing.   The fighting has come fully into Damascus, as you can see on the news.   Rana and Emil have been hearing the bombs going off all night, every night, for quite some time.  Now they’re hearing gun fire in the streets.    They said it’s so much more than just the two sides fighting.   What is causing more danger is the looting, the raping, the kidnapping…    the crime.   They don’t leave their home unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.

Side note;  we are raising money to buy them a car.  They desperately need this.  If you’re interested in helping, please Email me (akouo@me.com)  and let me know!  Or visit the donation page on the web site (just make note that it’s for Rana and Emil)

Now, the good news;  The church has moved from paralyzed fear to standing in powerful prayer.  Their boldness has come forward, their strength is rising, and their vision for the Kingdom in the midst of turmoil is so Christ-like it’s humbling.  They feel a great call to prayer.  They know and believe that this is a spiritual battle and it’s to be fought in the realm of the spirit through the blood of Christ.   Their community is gathering to pray almost daily.

Lets join with them!  We can link arms with this community in the spirit, stand with them, and strengthen their arms in this battle!