I was looking over my journal from January of 2009.  I saw this word, and felt the Holy Spirit on it once again.

I’ve pasted it below for your consideration.  I think it’s good to revisit the things the Lord has spoken to us in the past, so that we can ponder how it has played out in our personal and corporate lives.  I’m curious about this particular word.  I know it’s been profoundly true in my own life for 2009.   What about you?

January 2009

In prayer, I saw the Body of Christ at large turn a very large corner.  They turned en-mass.  As they turned the corner I saw that everything had become suddenly very very clear.  It was as if someone turned the lights on and the clouds parted.  Like someone with poor vision putting their glasses on.  Then I heard the Lord say that this year we were going to begin seeing things more clearly than ever before.  This clarity would enable us to understand the stewardship of the Kingdom in new ways.  I could see how this clarity, and revelatory understanding, was going to free us to steward His Power in greater measure.

He then said that over the last couple of years He had spoken things to people in random moments.  Many of us had been pondering things that He has shown us, still unsure of what they meant.  This coming year, the Lord will be putting the puzzle pieces together.  I saw Him pick up these words He had spoken to several individuals and place them “in context.”  It was like putting a sentence in it’s proper paragraph.  Everything just suddenly made sense.  This will be happening this year – amongst this clarity.

Then I saw the Father “stand up” off of His throne.  He said “Many things I have not acted on for a long time, I am now going to act.”

The next day:

I heard the Lord call the city of Tulsa “A Forerunner in Unity.”  I believe that this city has an invitation to make great strides in the unity of the Church.