Several months ago I saw a vision of people standing on a wooden floor.  I saw that the wooden floor was about to give way.  The people were afraid and didn’t know what to do, as the floor cracked more and more, and eventually caved in.  All the people fell through the floor – but they were shocked when they realized they only fell about a foot.  Underneath the wood floor was a solid cement foundation.

I knew that the wooden floor was a false foundation and that it wasn’t going to last long.  Yet I also knew that the true foundation was underneath, ready to catch us all.

The false foundation in American Christianity has been the illusion of financial security.

I hear the Lord declaring… “Remember!  This is not your home!”  We are aliens in this world.  We are spiritual beings, and we’re not dependent upon the stability or instability of life around us.  We are of a Heavenly Kingdom, and our source of Life does not fluctuate.  The backbone of this truth is about to become central to life.

False foundations are going to be revealed by their failure… and it’s a marvelous thing.

I keep feeling the excitement of the Holy Spirit within me…  like He’s anxiously awaiting Christmas morning.  Our finest hour is just around the corner.  This is the time to shine with the true peace of Jesus Christ.  The depth of our trust will show the world that every ounce of our being is rooted in Christ – the King of our true homeland.

Our peace will be the testimony.  Our trust will be the root.

Will we trust Him no matter what happens around us?  Will we trust that no matter what we face in this world our joy, our love and our reason for living hasn’t changed?

As we look at possible financial and social devastation in the natural, I see a wave of a revival of souls in the Spirit.  True revival is stirring.  I see the birthing of a new bread of intensely fervent Christ Followers who recognize the spiritual doors of opportunity opening all around them.

I literally feel the Holy Spirit like a race horse behind the gate that is about to open to mark the beginning of the race.  Like He’s there, chomping at the bit, waiting for The Father to say “Now!” and then the fullness of the Kingdom will come forth with more forcefulness than in the book of Acts.

Seemingly negative circumstances surrounding our nation is in one dimension.  In the dimension of the Spirit it’s a whole different story.  If we are led by what we see in the natural our survival instincts will cause us to pull back, reserve, preserve and store up.  But if we can have eye’s in the Spirit in this hour, I believe our instincts will react in the opposite way.  We will see that this will be our time to charge forward.  This will be our time to take the land, to conquer and establish the work of the King, to stand in our bold confession and carry the peace that passes all understanding.  And the Holy Spirit is saying “Yes!  Get ready!  It’s time to storm ahead in unruffled bravery and confident audacity…  and know that His Power is at work!”