This video was filmed during the annual Middle East Holy Spirit Conference this past Spring. The audio is a bit difficult to hear.   I’m afraid we didn’t have professional equipment.  But you can still get a great feel for some of what the Lord is doing in the lives of these beautiful believers.

These conferences (including the up coming women’s conference) are powerful times in the Holy Spirit.  It’s a time to build up these churches throughout Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, some of which are under persecution and have been forced under-ground. These conferences are a a very literal life-line for them.

To say that it’s an honor to be a part of what the Lord is doing in the Middle East is a gross understatement.  We all feel that we are getting to observe a historical, nation-altering moment in time.  Please join us in prayer!  The momentum of the Lord is moving so quickly, we’re finding ourselves surfing on His timing, His intentions and His passion for the “Motherlands of the Gospel to give birth again.”

If you would like to help fund this ministry, we would say…. “Um, let me think about it. Heck YEAH! We need your help!”

Lebenon from Tommie Naumann on Vimeo.