We are a people who are hearing warnings of things to come. Everywhere we turn we hear prophetic warnings. What I believe the Lord is speaking to us about now is how He wants us to respond to these warnings.

I had a dream where there were many people inside a plane. Outside the window of the plane I saw trees going by. I began to cry out… Higher! Higher! We need to fly higher!!

I keep seeing the scene in Brave heart, where William Wallace is on his horse in front of his troops. The troops are seeing the strength of the enemy and the ensuing battle. They’re first instinct is to run in fear.

We are those troops, hearing of an ensuing battle. At this moment in history we are standing, facing the war to come.

As Goliath stood and taunted the children of Israel, they went faint in heart fearing that He was just too big for them.

As Elisha’s servant woke up and saw that they were surrounded on every side by the enemy’s army, his anxiety rose… fearing that there were just too many of them.

As the spies went to check out the promised land they saw the giants and cowered – fearing that the battle was just too big for them.

I keep hearing the Holy Spirit whisper – “This can be the churches finest hour.”

As the world faces battles that are too big for it – will WE be the David that is ready to face down Goliath?
As the world feels surrounded on every side by an enemy that outnumbers them, will WE open our eyes and see the army of the Lord?

As the world enters this time and season, will WE be Caleb and Joshua, see the Giants in the land, and shrug our shoulders knowing that those giants don’t hold a candle next to the glory and power of our God?

This is our finest hour. In this next season – whatever comes – He’s calling the church to stand up and face the giant with her sling and stone. The world may faint –

But the Church will arise.

Several months ago the Lord spoke to me and said that one of the weaknesses of His people is that we can find ourselves fighting the wrong battles. We sometimes fight to preserve our way, our own will, and our own comfort.

***I believe that He’s drawing our vision higher. Fear only happens when we cling onto something, when we fight for control. In this clinging place we may just find ourselves fighting the wrong battle. So we must let go.

He wants to lift our vision higher. He wants us to sit securely at His right hand, high and lifted up, and view the world from the Throne room. It’s from that place we will see how we are to stand. From the Throne room we will understand the right battle we are to fight.

He’s releasing strategies to people throughout the Body of Christ right now. The enemy would try to bring in counterfeit strategies. It’s crucial that we stand firm in the high place with the Lord, viewing everything around us with Kingdom eyes, so that we can grab hold of the Lord’s strategies.

I believe that in the midst of whatever is coming, revival wants to break forth. I believe…. that in the midst of what could be a difficult season, our Jesus can shine forth in beauty, power, majesty and glory.

I believe revival is on the doorstep. This is not a time to get distracted by counterfeit battles. It’s time to turn, open the door – and let revival flow.

It’s time to lean into Him in ways we’ve never leaned before.

It’s time to lay down false weapons and pick up the real ones.

It’s time to give up the wrong battles and enter into the real one.

It’s time to see the Kingdom, to hear the King, and fly this plane higher.