I see a large crowd of people. I see the tops of their heads. Then I see one person lift their head higher than the others. Then another head arises higher…. then another.

I know as I’m watching this vision that the ones who are lifting their heads higher are answering the call to holiness.

I believe this next move of God is going to be filled with the awesome fear of the Lord. I believe this next move of God will be a simultaneous revelation of His holiness and His shocking love.

This revelation of the resurrected Jesus Christ will bring forth a great hunger for loving holiness within the hearts of His people.

There is something happening in our midst. Can you feel it? Can you sense it’s arrival?

The very ones who have been used by God to break down the walls of religion are now being called higher.

HIgher into His beauty. Higher into His thoughts. Higher into the knowledge of God.

The knowledge of God.

The knowledge of God. There is no greater pursuit.

He has healed so many of our religious triggers. He has restored our wounds and brought redemption to our confusion.

So now, as He calls us higher, we wont react as we once would have with bitterness and confusion. Instead, with our healed hearts, we can authentically and passionately respond “YES LORD! I just want to be where You are!”

Once you taste of Him, nothing else satisfies.
Once you experience Him, everything else fades.

There is no one like our God.

holy holy holy
Is the Lord God Almighty.

Who was.

Who IS.

Who is to come.