O.k., I have a confession to make. I’ve gotten sidetracked with the Akouo Facebook page and have ignored my blog and my email list! Oh how sad.

Here I sit, on a Monday morning with coffee in hand. I’m looking forward to a day set aside for prayer. There are seasons where the Lord seems to open a door in the deep inviting and wooing you come in and dwell with Him. Yeah…. that’s the season I’m in. In these times everything else must take a back seat. In these seasons everything else is less important.   Our King is calling us to BE with Him in the deepest places of prayer. Can I enter His gates with no burden of intercession, or problem that needs fixing, or revelation that I’m begging for, just soaring with the King wherever He wants to go? Absolutely yes. 🙂


There’s a group of people going through the 30-day prophetic meditations again (written in 2010). If you’re interested, click here and take one a day at a time (or go at your own pace, of course).
A week from Wednesday (the 26th) Nancy and I head to England once again. We get to teach and minister with two different communities while there. Our friends Peter and Mariette Stott in Portsmouth, and our new EHOP friends in Exeter. The topics will be ranging from the Voice of God, to mentoring the younger generation, to intimacy in prayer, etc. We’ll also have plenty of time to be with the Lord face to face, seeking His present word for these communities.

Times and seasons. The Lord is wanting to speak to us about the times and seasons we’re in. Please ask Him where He has you and how you’re to walk in your current season.

The women’s conference in the Middle East (originally scheduled for the first weekend in November) has been postponed. We feel the Lord was speaking about backing up a little and spending time with the leadership teams in these various churches. (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt). As our friends in this region sought the Lord, they felt this was truly the Lord’s direction, so we’re making plans towards this end.


This time set aside with these leaders feels so significant, I have no words. There is a Holy Presence already on this gathering as I pray, it drops me to the floor.  As you know, the trial and tension in the Middle East is growing daily. The leaders of these churches are desperately seeking the Lord’s direction in every area.

The Kingdom is to advance at all costs. The name of Christ will be glorified, no matter what the circumstances are around us.  Pray for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.  They need our strength, our love, our faith in the power of prayer.

These leaders are pulling together in unity, and passion for HIS name.  This, in and of itself, is not a common thing in this region!  These are amazing men and women of God!

That’s all for now.  I’ll catch you up on more later.

Love you much,