First Fridays
Craig and I have been holding our First Friday meetings before the Lord, and we feel like we’re to make some changes. Instead of these meetings being held at Believers Church on the first Friday of every month, we’ll be having teaching meetings at our house church gathering on the first Saturday of every month (our house church meets on Saturday evenings). For those of you who have joined us during this last season of FFmeetings, thank you very much! It’s been fun. If you’d like to take part in the Saturday gatherings, please don’t hesitate to write me.

Prophetic Class ~ Save the Date
The Comprehensive Prophetic Class will be starting on February 7th THRU March 28th (8 weeks of Monday nights). I’ll be covering the full gamut of topics from the children of God hearing His Voice in their daily walk, to stewarding the prophetic within you and within the church in health and maturity. There will be lots of practice time and discussion! There’s no cost for the class, but we will be asking you to consider a donation towards Akouo and the oversees trips. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THIS CLASS! TO REGISTER, CALL BELIEVERS CHURCH AT 495-2929.

Akouo Women’s Retreat
Yes, we’re planning another Women’s Retreat! REGISTRATION IS NOT OPEN YET, BUT YOU CAN MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR MARCH 4TH AND 5TH 🙂 These retreats are such a wonderful time of refreshing. It’s a weekend in a beautiful, relaxing cabin on the lake, with a smallish group of ladies, great food, tons of worship and soaking in the Presence of God and NO WORK. Just as a true retreat should be. I often have people ask me to save them a spot (since there’s a limited amount of space) and I’m afraid I just can’t do that. To keep it all up-and-up I need to just announce that registration is open (via e-mail) and do first come first serve. So watch the e-mails over the next few weeks, o.k.?