This is for all those who have suffered loss in their life.

This morning in prayer the Lord took me into a vision. I could see myself standing there, then it was like someone took an invisible icecream scooper and scooped out a part of my mid-section. As I watched this, I knew this was symbolic of loss. I saw another scoop falling out of me…. then another. It was painful to watch!

In all of our lives there has been much loss. These are places of pain that can cause us to withdraw from life a little more each time… cultivating fear and trepidation. Those places of loss feel lonely and empty. Grief and sorrow can become friends, fear and apprehension can become our approach to life if we don’t see what God’s hand is doing.

The Lord opened my eyes in this vision to see what was REALLY happening. As part of me was taken away, I saw His hand reach over and fill the hole with gold. The very place of painful loss became the most beautiful part of my whole being. Then as another ‘scoop of loss’ was taken, His hand put gold in it’s place, and so on. Each time we lose something the Lord Himself not only heals and restores, but brings and astonishing beauty and strength to that very place within.

He wasn’t causing the loss. But He was absolutely filling in every single space of pain with the most beautiful gold I have ever seen.

We really can’t lose! We can freely live life with abandon knowing that every bump, bruise, loss or trial will be met with an intimate moment of His transforming power. Our God turns small crawly harry things into butterflies. And He turns places of loss within our soul into beauty and treasure.