Hello Friends.

We just returned from 10 days in England last night. At this moment, I’m sitting my big cushy chair with a warm cup of coffee in my hand, re-living hundreds of Holy Spirit infused, profoundly deep and significant moments I had the privilege of sharing with my English friends.

Our first few days were spent in and around Portsmouth with our new friends Peter and Mariette Stott. These two spiritual parents in the Lord impacted our lives beyond words. What we were able to give back to that community doesn’t measure up to what they poured into us. This is a strongly prophetic community who is at home in the Presence and Power of God. I wish I could sit over coffee with each and every one of you and share all that was whispered, prayed, proclaimed and imparted. This was a Holy time for me. Personally I felt my life took a turn that I really can’t describe.

The Holy Spirit allowed Nancy and I to speak into the precious lives in this church, and then they turned around and spoke in to ours. When they sent us on our way we felt more built up than we had in a long time!

I know we have a long-term, life altering, significant relationship with England as a whole. I have no idea what God has in store specifically, but I can sense a fierce wind at my back nearly pushing me towards the UK. There are a VERY small number of believers in England and yet God has declared that revival is on the doorstep. I could feel the first drips of a Holy Spirit tsunami every day that we traveled this land. I have no doubts whatsoever that this little Island will be utterly transformed by the power of God.

Our next visit was with our friends just outside of Oxford. We had been with this church last summer for a short three days, and we simply couldn’t wait to be with them again. This vibrant, growing, deep spirited family rattled my heart deeply. Most of the people in this church (Highway Christian Church) have given their lives to Christ in the last few years and within this church family. They are open, voraciously hungry for all things Kingdom, and ready to effect the world. Highway is one of those places that feels deeply healthy, truly knit together as family, and passionately living single hearted devotion to Christ.

The Holy Spirit really rocked this place. Ha! It was absolutely thrilling to swim in His Power! In my days leading up to our time with Highway, I would sit down to seek the Lord for His word for them and begin to pull together messages. Each time though, the Holy Spirit would come upon me and say ‘just stay deeply connected with me and be ready’. I knew our Lord had something He wanted to do, and it’s my greatest desire to simply follow Him. He surprised us every day with more and more of His Spirit being poured out. There were healings, deliverances, life shifting prophetic declarations, encounters, shakings…. how can words truly describe all that happens when the beautiful Holy Spirit shows up in a room full of open and hungry people?

Sitting here in my chair, writing this to you, my eye’s once again fill up with tears as the ‘thank you’s” come pouring out of my mouth to the Father. Thank you Lord for loving these people so deeply. Thank you Lord for allowing us to be a part of these intimate moments when You encounter your people. Thank you for Conquering once again…for Rescuing, for Soothing, for Restoring….

Thank you Abba.

(We’ll post pictures soon)