I’m writing this note from Lauben Germany,  a darling village in Bavaria.  This is the last leg of our journey, which began in a town outside of Oxford England, then onto Edinburough Scotland, and now in Germany.  It’s been truly a Divinely ordained mission!  Our time in England was astounding.  The Lord connected us with a church there, that we are sure will be a long term family-like relationship.   I spoke about community in the Spirit, and did quite a lot of prophetic training.  Nancy and I prayed for many people and saw the Lord move in power.  The Holy Spirit led the way with His tangible Presence.  I felt like we were with deeply intimate family, even though we had just met.

Our time in Scotland was also thoroughly enjoyable.  We attended the international 24/7 gathering, as we are feeling the Lord connect us more deeply with this prayer movement.  We met many people and heard the heart and vision of this global ministry.  It was exciting to see the hand of God so powerfully moving around the world.

This is our third trip to Lauben Germany.   Our visit here seems to be very precise spiritual timing. The teaching time last night spoke into our challenges of faith over healing, forgiving and enduring trial together.  There are times when a community has to dig in the dirt together and fight the good fight of faith and love.  Nancy spoke this morning in a women’s meeting concerning prayer, and moving with the Holy Spirit.  Please pray for the remainder of our time here.  We’re believing for the Holy Spirit to move in grace and power!

We truly can’t thank you enough for your love, prayer and support!  This missionary journey’s are such a tremendous opportunity to pour life into the Body of Christ around the world.  The Kingdom of God is alive and advancing!