What if we took just one day…
A day like today…
To simply believe.
Believe that our hearts are truly familiar with God’s voice
And stand convinced that He’s intimately involved in our every moment.

Just one day.  (For us doubt addicts, the “one day at a time” can really be helpful!  🙂

Oh, how wonderful it is to know that voice… that impression within, is truly God Himself.

What would our day bring if we allowed our innermost being to sit within His internal Presence, and communicate with our Jesus?

We were made to dwell within Him.  The most natural thing in the world is for us to dialogue with our God.  It’s actually more normal to abide with our Maker than to go to the grocery store.  It’s what we were created for.  We exist in Him, through Him and for Him.  Our hearts were created to relate to Him…   to feel the freedom to express ourselves in His Presence, and then expect to experience His expression in return.

This is normal for our spirits.  The doubtful places we go are truly counter to our identity.
So lets remind our soul….

We already have the faith needed to hear Him.
It’s not something we need to work for.  It’s already within.

So today, instead of wondering if you hear Him at all… Instead of mixing that wonderment with a dose of fear and hesitation, lets FIRST believe.

We usually question first, wonder second, then we either dismiss or move forward in doubtful determination.  Today, lets make our FIRST response simple faith.

Spongebob faith. (Or childlike faith for those who don’t appreciate Mr. Squarepants).

Oh sure, we could be wrong.  But wrong is o.k. too.  I’d rather be wrong believing, than avoid risk altogether by sitting in my doubt.

That would be dull, don’t you think?

As we take this journey together lets stretch ourselves farther and farther to simply believe.

Let’s see just how far our King will take us.