The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him” Psalm 25:14
The word “secret” in this passage can also be translated as intimacy.

That’s stunning!

There are certain people that the Lord shares His secrets with.

There are times when He just wants to let someone in on what He’s thinking, what He sees and what He feels.

Can you hear it?  He longs for intimacy.  He’s looking for the man and woman who can be His friend, and dwell in that place of nearness.  He hungers for us to position ourselves so close to Him that we sense His whisper and discern His desire.

But there’s one thing that’s needed before this can happen.

The fear of the Lord.

Will we drop to the floor when we hear Him speak?  Will our hearts instinctively tremble when He calls our name?  Can we gaze upon His glory, stand safely in His overwhelming Love, yet hold our hearts forever in knee knocking, heart pounding awareness of His majesty?

When the Israelites fashioned the Golden Calf, I don’t believe they were trying to make themselves a false God.  Their great sin was the fact that they called it Yahweh.  They tried to make God something different than He truly IS.  They tried to make Him smaller..  more relatable.

People sometimes have a hard time with the fear of the Lord.  Somehow this makes them draw back in intimidation and shame.  But God’s desire is for us to rememberwho He is in all His Glory, gaze upon Him as King, Lord almighty, feel His fierce breath blow right through us, and stand firm in unshakable confidence knowing Him as the Lover of our soul.

Just as Moses stood on the mountain asking to see God’s Gory, He beckons us to do the same.

He wants us to know Him in His Power.

to know Him in His Might,

to know Him in His Fierceness
And stand in undaunted assurance of our acceptance because of His Great Love.

He wants to share His secrets with those who fear Him.

So stand in awe my friend!

Let your knees knock in His Presence,

and find yourself giggling when you feel the startling revelation

of your safety in Him.

Stunning.  Truly stunning.