In judges 6:34 there’s a phrase that says “and the Holy Spirit came upon Gideon”…   as translated in most bibles.

The original language in this passage actually states “and the Spirit of the Lord clothed Himself with Gideon”.

He has put you ON.  He wears you like a glove.

He has clothed Himself with you.  This is absolutely astonishing!

I should probably end the meditation here, because that’s enough to chew on the rest of our life.

But…   well…   I have a question 🙂

Why don’t I experience this more tangibly in my every day life?  It’s a great scripture and a phenomenal truth.  But how does this translate into experience?

Oh friends!  There’s so much more!

I believe the Lord is inviting us to let Him train our soul.  He wants to teach us how to dwell within His internal Presence. He wants to train our will and strengthen our vision.

And we get to make the choice to enter the training or not.

What does the training look like?  I’m not sure. 🙂  But I do believe that every single day we have a choice to make.  Part of the training must be in the decision of where I allow my heart to connect.  Will I find myself more connected with people’s pain than I am with the mind of God?   Will I allow my soul to become more connected with the insecurities of this world than I am with the purposes of the Kingdom?  Will momentary light afflictions become so large in my view that Love fades a bit in the background? Will my spirit become more connected with what the enemy is doing than with the activity of the Lord?

This is the practical navigation of our every day life.  At any given moment we can abide in the Truth of our oneness with God, allowing our inner man to know His in-dwelt Presence,  or we can loose focus and become too greatly connected with the lesser truths of the world around us.

Just as we hunger to be chosen, He longs to be chosen.

I believe the heart of the Lord sings when we turn our face towards Him and say “I choose You. I choose to remain aware of your Presence within me.  I choose to keep my heart captivated with You, moving within you, and abiding in surrendered assurance that we are one.  You can be my King, the Lover of my soul.  I choose to accept your invitation into covenant, into oneness.  I choose You.”

He has put you on as His clothing.  He wears you like a glove.

Today, choose Him all over again.  Choose to keep your communion with Him first in your line of sight.

Today, drop to the depths of your inward man and gaze upon Him.

Let your heart be joined with His.

For you are one spirit with Him.

“But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him”. 1 Cor. 6:17