I used to hate when someone told me “God is able!” Great. What does THAT mean? So… He’s ABLE. I know that already. He CAN do anything. But my question was actually … WILL he do this? WILL He see me? WILL He move on my behalf?

The difference in these questions lies in something subtle. When I would ask in frustration “yeh, but WILL He?” What I really wanted to know is would He fix my circumstances. Will He intervene in my daily challenges and turn things in my favor.

God is asking us to simply believe that He is able to change US in the midst of our circumstances. He’s able to turn our mind around, change our point of reference, and put our mental gymnastics to rest.

For weeks now I’ve been carrying around this internal vision in my mind. I’m standing in the boat, in the midst of the storm. I’m watching the disciples rush here and there trying to do all they can do in the natural to preserve their lives. Then I turn my eyes towards Jesus… and see Him sleeping.

In days gone past I would be a little offended at the fact that He was sleeping. SLEEPING? How can He sleep when I need Him?! Can’t He see that I’m about to die here? I thought He was supposed to CARE! But at this point in my life I find myself just standing here staring at Him. This time around I’m finding myself studying Him intently. He’s so utterly fascinating. I just want to know Him. My heart hungers to see Him, to discover the tender nuances that make up His personality, and sense His heart beat deeply in my soul.

My Saviour sleeps in a storm, and I can’t seem to take my eyes off of Him. After weeks of gazing upon Him like this… falling more and more in love with this God-man asleep in front of me, I realized that I was no longer aware of the storm. He was much more enthralling, and He had captured my heart. The storm faded quietly in the background.

Then one day He spoke to me. He said… “Most people, in the midst of the storm, act just like the disciples. They want me to come to them and rescue them from the storm. This is understandable. But what I long for is for you to come to me, curl up next to me, and trust me so much you fall asleep. Rest here and feel my confidence, feel my peace. Let all fear fade away. Feel the storm against your face and find yourself actually enjoying the adventure.”

Our heart’s ability to trust the heart of Jesus Christ is utterly foundational in our journey into His Voice.

If you want to hear Him more, then teach your heart to trust.  Curl up with Him no matter what is happening around you.

Discover Him.

His sovereignty,

His power over every storm,

And know that He is your safe place.