Jesus makes it seem so every day, so practical, so matter of fact. 

We will hear His voice, and we will follow Him. 
We may hear other voices too, but we’ll know the difference between His voice, and a strangers voice.  

We wont follow a strangers voice because it will NOT be familiar, intimate or safe to us.  

When we hear our Shepherds voice, we will instinctively follow, because this is the voice our hearts are familiar with.  

Is this true for most of us?  Do we know the difference?  Most people I know are VERY familiar with the enemy’s voice. We agree with the voice of shame, accusation, judgement and condemnation so easily. Yet when the Voice of the Lord speaks His forth His Love, our hearts seem to resist.

That sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? What’s wrong with us?? 🙂

He is our God. 
We are His children. 
He’s speaking. 

He’s waiting to teach us to recognize Him. 

It’s not about learning a formula or 7 steps to Christian maturity.
He is Spirit.  He speaks in Spiritual language.  And His Holy Spirit is here as our counselor and teacher. 

He will teach you about the anointing you have within you.  Just let Him.  Turn your face towards Him and LET Him.  That’s your part.  Simply believe and let Him do His work.  

Just let Him.  

He WILL lead you in the journey to know His voice.  He just wants us to purposely take the journey, and stay on the journey. 

For this journey will lead you to every other place you need to go.  Because it is here that relationship with the resurrected Christ is forged.  It is here, on this journey to know His voice, that friendship with God is experienced, that Christian maturity is defined, that the written word of God is understood, and being led by the Spirit becomes reality.

So just stay on the journey.

Turn your face towards Jesus.

And let the Holy Spirit do His job.

He’s really good at what He does