Nearly every anniversary my husband and I go out to dinner and reminisce about our life together.  We have such fun reminding each other of stories and experiences we’ve had together.  “Remember this?!  …..   Oh my gosh…   do you remember this one?”  We laugh, sometimes cry, and always always feel closer than ever.   
We have a history together.  A history that no one else has, and few people know about.  In fact, no one will ever know the details of our history but he and I.  I think one of the most valuable things we hold in our marriage is our history.  No one can ever change it.  It’s beautifully untouchable.  The good times, the hard times, the battles we faced, the love we’ve shared, and the pains we experienced together is all part of our treasure box, because of the union it’s formed between us.  
Revelation 19:10 – “…. the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy” 
We all have history with the Lord.  In times of struggle, when His voice seems distant and His Presence isn’t felt, I fall back on our testimony.  Sometimes I sit, as I do with my husband on our anniversary, and simply reminisce with Jesus.  “Oh, the battles we’ve fought together!  Do you remember when I heard your voice this time and you totally shocked me? Oh…   remember when we first met?  I remember seeing you like I had never seen you before.  Oh…  thank you Lord.  Thank you for walking me through that darkness.  Thank you for rescuing me out of that trap.  Look at all the places we’ve been!”  
Sure, I know He remembers.  I think it’s my own soul that needs remembering sometimes.  But me trying to remind my own soul is not nearly as fun as sitting with my Lord reminiscing of our intimate history together, face to face.  My heart draws near to Him in the very process of remembering.  
Your history is your testimony.  It prophesies into who you are, who God is in your life, and who you will be in the years to come.  It prophesies into His Glory, it screams to the world who you belong to.  Your history with God is part of your own personal, beautiful treasure…   because of the union it’s formed between you. 
To awaken your hearing, draw near and remember.