God’s strategy

When God speaks His plan for us…
When He reveals His dream over our life
He speaks them directly to our inner man
He weaves them into the fiber of who we are.

Once we receive understanding of who we are and where He’s taking us, our heart expands to fit the dream. Our purpose and giftings come to life. The very reason we are the way we are begins to make sense. Everything in life takes on a whole new meaning.

The adventure begins.

When He first reveals His dream over our life, it often feels like He has us in one place, one land mass so-to-speak, and He wants to get us to another place all together. It’s like a frog (bear with me now:) that is on an island, but is destined to be on the land across the pond.

As he sits on the island, the Lord will give him a dream about the land across the pond. God will speak forth the vision of the land, and put a hunger in his heart for that particular land. This frog will feel his very purpose for his existence is on that land across the pond. It’s his destiny.

The problem lies in how to get there.

God spoke to Joseph about his future influence and power and how men everywhere were going to be bowing down before him. But he didn’t tell him about being thrown in the well, or enslaved, or imprisoned.(Gen. 37,39-45) These were just the lilly pads – the jumping spaces to get him from a to b.

The Lord speaks to us of the “b,” the destination point, the end result.

But often there are the lilly pads… the places we jump to in between.

Many times these places feel unstable, insecure, small…. and a bit shaky.

But they’re just the lilly pads of our voyage.
We’re not meant to set up house on the lilly pad. We’re just meant to use them as transitional points… the passage way from a to b.
When we know this, life on the lilly pad is well spent. We can understand our season, know it’s purpose, and keep our eyes on the goal.

When we understand His process we’ll stand on the lilly pad in peace, confidence and assurance that the plan of the Lord is being walked out in our lives.

There was a vast difference between the Joseph in the multi-colored coat, and the Joseph that stood at Pharaoh’s side.
There was a massive gulf between the Peter who denied Christ and the Peter who stood up on the day of Pentecost and preached to the crowd.
There was a mighty transformation from the young Son-of Thunder to the John on the Isle of Patmos.

God sees our destination point. He also sees where we need to journey in order be able to stand on that new land.

Trust Him. Sometimes the ground we stand on gets smaller before it gets bigger. Sometimes life seems to go in the opposite direction than what the Voice of the Lord has spoken to our hearts.

Don’t presume that you heard wrong. Don’t throw away the Voice, or declare that you can’t hear Him because your life has fallen apart.

Trust His path.

His lilly pads have profound purpose.

He’s the reason you’re alive. He knows where you need to journey, and how life will mold you.

Trust His Voice within you… Even when life seems to go in the opposite direction.