Welcome to day ONE of our journey into His Voice!   I say “into” quite on purpose.  The Voice of God has profound substance.  It’s so much more than just a hearing with the ear.  The substance of His voice is altogether experiential.

Let’s begin with a couple of simple, yet profound thoughts.

God has chosen you as His dwelling place.  He is within you.  When He speaks we feel His Voice, we sense His Voice in our thoughts, in our being, our emotions and our spirits.  We perceive His voice moving through us, coming upon us and rumbling within our souls.

Learning His Voice is not a work, nor something that striving can attain.  It’s found within  love, and love is expressed in surrender.

So today, simply love His Voice.  Don’t work to hear it.  Don’t labor to achieve it.  Don’t toil to understand it.  Just surrender, and love His Voice.  Love hearing Him.  Love sensing Him.  Allow your heart to simply love relating to Him.
Giving our hearts to this love affair with His voice positions us to be more deeply rooted in rest and grace, propelling us down a road of freedom, intimacy and encounter with our God.

Go deeper still.  Let your heart gaze upon the One who made you, and tell Him how you love hearing Him, sensing Him and simply knowing Him.

It often feels like a dance.  Me and my God stepping in musical harmony.  He speaks, I believe, He encourages, I act, He confirms, I grow, He corrects, I learn….   all in the embrace of the dance.  The dance of grace.  The dance of mystery.  The dance of joy.

This is where we begin our 30-day journey.  Dancing our way,  enthralled with the sound of His Voice.

Jesus Christ, our Lord and our King.

He’s absolutely enchanting.