The struggle.

No matter what the reason
No matter what opened the door,
or what wind brought in the clouds

We all find ourselves in a place of wrestle from time to time. A place where His Voice seems distant and answers seem like faint hopes that strain to manifest in our hearing.

Is my mission in life to figure out a way to avoid that battle ground at all cost? Absolutely.

Is that God’s mission too? I’m not so sure.

He’s in every season. He’s in the boxing ring, He’s in the rain, He’s in the dark corner.


When everything in me wants to fight I often feel the Lord calling me to stillness.

Be still, and know that I am God.

Just stop, and know.

Be still, and rest in the knowledge of who He is.

He communicates in the stillness.

He likes to simply sit with us. Share our company.

And we find peace.

When I impatiently have many questions on the table awaiting His answer, He often seems to push them aside, look me in the eye and ask me to stop a minute.

To just receive His love.

As I run on the proverbial hamster wheel taking care of the world around me, He wants me to know that He’s taking care of me.

I matter to Him.

You matter to Him.

A seasick, wave tossed soul needs to find a fixed point on the horizon to stay their eyes, hold their course and settle their inner man.

Our fixed point, is the face of God.

Fix your eyes upon the Lord

Be still and know

Look into His eyes

And know His love.

Nothing else really matters.