We communicate very little with our words.  Studies show that our communication is only 7% verbal.  The remaining ways we relate to one to another is through facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, etc.  We convey what is on our heart and mind through our entire being. Our very presence communicates something.  Our emotions communicate.  You can tell what some is feeling sometimes just by looking at them.  A look in our eyes communicates.  An ever-so-slight turn of our lips communicates.

When we’re learning to perceive the voice of the Lord it’s imperative that we become acquainted with His in-dwelt Presence, and learn to listen to Him with our whole being. Be aware of His movement.  Try to sense His leaning, His emotion, His longing.   Even though you wont actually see His face, somehow you can still sense His expression.

We were made in His image.   We are multi-faceted complex human beings, with the ability to listen, perceive, interpret and discern so much more thoroughly than we are usually aware of.  We relate heart to heart, emotion to emotion.  We sense joy, pain, confusion, anger, peace and love in others without ever hearing them speak a single word.

“Listening” for God is more like feeling and sensing His very being.  Don’t just listen for words, or look for pictures.  Sense His mood, observe His tone, be aware of His feelings.

“Give your servant a hearing heart…” (I King’s 3:9) It’s the prayer that thrilled the Fathers heart.

Listen deeply my friends.  Listen with your whole being.  Observe your Maker.
Perceive His being.  He’s communicating indescribably more than words could ever say.