His love burns so pure and clean.  

So intensely, so unconditionally, so holy….    so true.  

His love burns through ALL externals, all behaviors, all rights and wrongs.  His love sears past all lesser things and aims straight for the essence of who we are at our core.  

There’s nothing weak about this love.  There’s nothing about this Love that compromises the truth, or minimizes perversion, or overlooks the obstructive nature of wickedness.   

This kind of Love sees it all.  In fact, this Love was so grieved by it He suffered inconceivably to rescue us from it’s grasp.   

He is no longer hindered in His Love towards us in any way.  

The Love of Christ reaches to the depths of our identity and sees.  

His blood washed away all would-be-obstructions.   They hinder Him no longer.  

His Love transforms our soul and overwhelms our personality.   

When we allow Him internal access to our depths,  the discussion of our outward actions become mute.  We become so impassioned to know Him, to love Him, to be one with Him, that we discover our fleshly person is being transformed day after day.  But we hardly notice, because outward behavior is nearly insulting to discuss.  

This is the message of salvation.  This is what the world is longing to discover.  

This is a redemption that is breathtakingly unimaginable. 

He WILL change you.   But that’s not the point.  

Love is the point.