Today in prayer the Lord allowed me to glimpse into the atmosphere of Heaven. I was really stunned as I saw thousands and thousands of people in the throne room of God. It was an overwhelming experience that I’m having a hard time putting into words, so please bear with me.

In this particular moment I was swept up in the euphoric celebration of final victory. It was at the end of the age (I was seeing into the future), and the children of God were cheering like no one had ever cheered before on earth. It was spiritual, it was tangible. It was….

I realized that this moment is our destiny. It’s unavoidable. It’s GOING to happen.

It was final victory. Final.


The enemy was dead. Final victory was accomplished.

I felt the Lord say that He wanted us to worship Him from THIS place. We could actually allow our hearts to connect with the guaranteed promise of final victory. Our hearts can go there. We can stand in the place where “it is finished” and worship Him with all our might.

I saw that as we did this, standing in this place still wrapped by time, and allowing our spirits and our hearts to connect with the final victory, the enemy wouldn’t have a chance.

THIS is walking in our inheritance.
THIS is walking in the TRUTH.

See it.