On Friday afternoon I was in prayer and heard the Lord invite me to learn (through experience) about the atmosphere of Heaven.  I said yes, and over the next couple of hours He would lead me to the Throne Room and ask me to observe the atmosphere.  I could sense, feel, and see many things.  It’s not my intention to create doctrine out of this experience.  I usually don’t share things like this for this reason.  But this time I felt the Lord was very clear with me that He wants these things shared.  He wants us to learn of the Atmosphere of Heaven in such a way that we’re more familiar with THAT atmosphere than we are with this one.  He wants us to be more at home in His atmosphere than we are here on earth.  He was saying to me that we aren’t to focus on HOW to experience more signs and wonders….   HOW to heal people….   HOW to prophesy…  etc.  He is simply wooing us to drench ourselves in the Atmosphere of Heaven so that His Kingdom, His culture, His aroma dwells within us and around us.  He wants us to be truly His embassadors.  Embassadors of His Kingdom, carrying Him (and His Kingdom) upon our very being.

Here is an excerpt from my notes that day;
I felt the Lord draw my attention once again to the atmosphere.  It was pure…  Oh so very very pure.  I was suddenly aware of the people around me and how they were all so pure (I was surrounded by thousands and thousands of people).  There wasn’t an ounce of fleshly nature, jealousy, envy, strife….   no confusion, no anger…   in the air.   It was shocking to my system.  The atmosphere was completely pure! I have never felt anything like it before.  It only lasted a moment then I couldn’t feel it anymore, but that one glimpse has been etched within me.  It was enough for me to taste what it feels like to be surrounded by purity, and never forget it.  This is our destiny.  We are GOING to be His spotless bride.  It’s prophesied.  It’s predestined.  It’s promised.  The purity of the Lord will be the air we breathe.

I started focusing on this one girl.  She was young (20-something, with dark blondish, redish hair) and it seemed she just got there.  She was looking at her clothing shocked, with a huge grin on her face and eyes that were so big and surprised.  It was like I could hear her saying….   “look what He did in my life!”  The emotion she was feeling was pure, overwhelmed, stunned-into-worship emotion, and it was tangible to all those around her.   Then I realized that when I looked at the people I could see that each one bears the brand marks of their life.  Not like visible scars….  but when you look at each person you could see their entire life story.   You see everything about them, and there’s no shame.  Only tremendous glory…   tremendous celebration…  “Look what He did in my life!  Look what He did!”  Standing completely pure and holy.  I see people looking down at their own clothing…   a little stunned, and overjoyed.  it’s like it all hits them all at once…   “Look at what He’s done!  Look at what He’s done!”

Lord…   let us see this now.  Let us glory in all that you’ve done.  Let our hearts never stop being overcome by your stunning reality.