Hey family!

Craig here, and I am SO excited for our trip to Beirut! We’ll be there April 4th through the 11th ministering to people from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. With the recent upheaval in the Middle East many people who want to attend this conference could find it to be fairly challenging, to say the least.

Your prayers will be the shout that will cause the wall to crumble! Jericho would have never been entered if the wall had not been annihilated through the faithful marching and shouting of the Israelites. Prayer is the FIRST WORK & the foundational execution. Zec 4:7 – ‘What are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel {you will become} a plain; and he will bring forth the top stone with shouts of “Grace, grace to it!'”” Amen, and let it be so!

Of course, we don’t know all that will take place but we do know that we will be bringing with us what God has been giving us in recent months during our Saturday gatherings, classes and daily lives. Could I ask you to please stand with us in praying for these things to come forth?

Child like faith, laughter and playfulness in His presence

A revelation of the Constant Invitation to dine and drink with Christ & of Christ

Lives that are empowered to abide in the True Vine

A deeper experience of His intimacy, His Voice, and His nearness

DENTAL MIRACLES! I know that sounds funny, but it’s all I can think about & by faith I believe it’s on our Father’s heart. How fun! And I believe not only practical dental miracles but ridiculous, extravagant “just because He’s good” miracles of gold fillings, caps and more! I must say, I’ve never had this on my mind, but it’s too strong to ignore. Woo-hoo!

Spiritual eyes opened as well as physical

Refreshing washing buy the water of the word. Let it RAIN, RAIN, REIGN!

For His anointing to flow through all the people present, both ministering and receiving