Every time I turn my heart towards 2010 I see an immediate image in my spirit of a tidal wave. I can sense the strength of the wind as it strains and pulls, rushing to participate in what the Mighty One is building.

In prayer tonight I saw the Lord begin to release a Spirit of Hope across the land. It was true, unrestrained hope that caused great joy and excitement! I feel like God wants us to intentionally remember the things He has spoken to us in the past. He wants us to remember the promises He has made to us personally. I see that as we lift these promises up to the Lord He will pour out hope once again and ignite the embers. This hope seems more like a fire released into our souls! This kind of hope doesn’t even wait to see the full manifestation of the promise, but begins to take off running for cover after seeing the cloud the size of a man’s hand.

Watch the sky, my friends. The rain is coming!