Hello friends!  It’s that time of year again…. I’ve been praying int 2012 for quite some time.   I believe there’s more coming, but I wanted to send to you what I’ve been hearing and seeing so far.  But first, you need to know that 2012 is to be looked at in it’s own context.  I can’t pray into 2012 without bouncing off of 2011.  They’re so deeply linked together!   So if you haven’t read the word for 2011 that I reposted recently, please click below and start there.  I know there are many many words going around about difficult, trial, financial ruin, national destruction…..   yada yada yada.  I honestly DO believe most of these words.  But as we are men and women of the SPIRIT,  we have to remember that the spiritual reality is quite different (and often directly opposed) to the natural reality.  My ear is pressed to the Heavenlies.  My heart is leaning on the reality of Kingdom movement.  What’s happening there is much different than what’s happening here!

Blessings Blessings Blessings!!!!

Click here for the 2011 word that was written in November of 2010.

As I was reading this word again (above link) I felt the Lord speak to me:  “I’m standing in your future, speaking into your present, guiding you to where you need to be.”   We can trust Him!  We can trust His words and lean on His guiding arm! Praying into 2012 I see a man that has been pushing against a huge, thick, cement wall.  The wall hasn’t budged…   yet he has remained pushing for a long time.  He became tired and weary.   In this transitional season I see the man stand up and ‘give up’…   surrendering his pushing.  Then a crossing over happens internally.  A crossing over into hope happens within himself and he steps into place of peaceful, assured faith. At this moment the wall just falls down in front of him.  I heard the Lord say that tremendous breakthrough is coming in 2012.  The kind of breakthrough that no words can describe.  Tidal wave of breakthrough…  a breakthrough of LIFE. True, deep, IMMENSELY POWERFUL LIFE being poured on dry bones.   (I also heard the Lord say that I would be speaking this to many people who would have a hard time believing it because they’ve allowed cynicism into their hearts.  False hope has been deferred and the enemy has taken advantage of this to cause doubt and unbelief.  Grab hold of faith, my friends….  grab hold of HIS hope, the hope that is our anchor)  I see people crouched to the ground, in a position of humility….    they’re hunched over on dry scorched earth with large open cracks.   Then a massive wave of liquid, spiritual LIFE washes over them.  It’s overwhelming.  2010 thanksgiving morning I woke up and simply stared in wonder as I looked at a vase of previously dead, withered roses that had quite literally come back to life.  I should have thrown them away several days prior, but hadn’t gotten around to it.

Here it was, thanksgiving morning (2010) and I was gazing at resurrected roses.  (click here for the full article)

When I looked at those roses, a promise of resurrection exploded within me.  I knew the Lord was speaking resurrection into 2011.   Before resurrection comes death.   (I hadn’t counted on the death happening first, had you?)  2011 has been a year of death for many people.  I think it’s beautiful that the Lord promised resurrection before we even experienced the death.  Oh how kind He is! He did this with Jesus too.  Jesus prophesied his resurrection before he even faced the cross and went to his grave.  He gave the promise of LIFE as the people were about to face death.  This is His way.  (josef is another example, peter yet another one…) He’s given promises to people and they haven’t seen the fruit yet.  That’s because he gave the promise of life before they had to face the death.   He spoke forth the resurrection even before they knew that death was coming.  He spoke breakthrough into being because He knew that things were going to get more difficult before the breakthrough happened.    Holding on to the promise of rebirth is essential as we walk through seasons of death.  2011 was transitionShifting…Change…Death… Confusion… Many are currently in the grave wondering how they got there.
There are some that are still walkin their Isaacs up the mountain.  Take courage, trust in Him.  The Lord of hosts is cherring you on, so very proud of your obedient heart.

There are some that have already come out on the other side.  Breath deeply my friend.  I’m proud of you.  You can start running soon.  Resurrection is coming.  He gave you the promise of resurrection,  then He asked you to take Isaac up the mountain and sacrifice.   It doesn’t make sense now, but it soon will.
The Lord is moving us down a road from hope to faith.  Today we’re going to step into the promise internally.   Really and truly…  you can step into His promise of resurrection life TODAY.  It’s an internal shift of the heart into an experience of His LIFE even while you’re still surrounded by death.   Then somewhere, somehow the scene in front of us will change….
LIFE IS COMING.   2012 is the season of His establishing.   Deep foundations have been shifted, uprooted, shaken….   and re-poured…   the cement is now setting, drying solidly….. making it immovable.  An army of positioned, transformed, resurrected ones is emerging.