The Mission

We are a missional people. Walking through the doors of opportunity has led us into some interesting places. We’ve taught conferences in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, Macedonia, Germany, England, Serbia, and Canada.  In 2011 I believe the Lord lead us to narrow the field and focus in on the Middle East and England.  It’s our passion to walk with the Church in these regions, as well as the the U.S., building, equipping, mentoring, and most importantly loving the Body of Christ into maturity.

We’ve had the privelegde of watching  the Love of Christ being poured out in some of the darkest and most broken places we could imagine.

United States

Our home base is Tulsa Oklahoma, where we have the joy of being surrounded by our long term spiritual family.  Craig and I have been passionate about living out our Christian faith in deep, organic, missional community.  Our House Church family has always been our deepest source of growth, joy, healing, and adventure. We’ve multiplied, and plan on continuing to multiply.  Our house churches are the most amazing, authentic, passionate expression of Church we have ever been a part of.

We are also deeply rooted at Believers Church here in Tulsa and have considered them family for about twelve years now.  This community is led by some amazing men and women whom we are honored to serve under.  It is our joy to run alongside them as they have been captured by the beauty of planting and multiplying organic, missional house churches across the city.

Through 24/7 prayer US, and other friendships cultivated along the way, we find ourselves traveling to several cities in the U.S. on a regular basis.  Our joy is to encourage, strengthen and equip any and all expressions of church, and this takes us all across our beautiful country.

24/7 Prayer

We are deeply honored to be a part of 24/7 prayer international. I have the privilege of serving on the International Boiler Room network oversight team, as well as the U.S. BRN oversight team.   This is our global tribe, spread across many nations.  Through 24/7 we have friendships scattered throughout the nations, and this often draws us into Kingdom mischief together.


I (Christine) feel a very strong call to England.  The Lord has connected our hearts with several churches throughout this amazing country, as well as the 24/7 prayer movement.   It is our privilege to journey with these communities in long-term relationship, serving and helping them build and advance the Kingdom.   A few of the churches we are currently journeying with in friendship and Kingdom ministry together are:

Middle East

We have been working with churches in the middle East since 2007.  We are deeply connected with pastors, wives and leaders throughout the region.  We are walking with them, supporting serving and equipping them and it is our honor to build the Kingdom with them.

The core church communities we’re journeying together in friendship and Kingdom ministry together are:



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