About Akouo Mission

Christine and Craig, along with an amazing group of friends, have traveled to over 20 nations doing conferences, retreats, training schools, leadership development, team building and intensive counseling. They do everything in the context of deep relationship, believing that all ‘ministry’ is centered on Kingdom Family, life-on-life friendships.
Christine Westhoff is a prophetic voice and has a passion to mentor and help people hear the voice of God for themselves. She travels extensively to the Middle East region, as well as many other nations, building up the Body of Christ. Her passion is to help churches establish healthy leadership teams, secure biblical prophetic foundations, and see the women rise up into their full callings. She is a trained spiritual director with over 18 years of experience in spiritual mentoring and coaching. Christine works with 24/7 Prayer, serving on the oversight team for the U.S. and International teams. She is the founder of Akouo Missions, working intently to see a vision for the Middle East churches to be strong, healthy, mature and able to support the revival and challenges of the hour.


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Craig Westhoff is an evangelist and has a passion to set people free to become contagious lovers of Christ. His infectious joy and passion for the lost is lived out daily everywhere he goes, with a vision to take the Holy Spirit outside the four walls of the church. He travels and ministers

Craig has been in radio broadcasting for over 30 years.  He recently stepped down from the morning team on KLOVE, a christian music radio station broadcasting in 48 states, to over 20 million people, to join Christine full time.

Nancy DeVito has been a powerful intercessor, prophetic minister, and equipper for nearly 40 years. Without her partnership there would be no Akouo Missions. She labors in prayer, and loves the Body of Christ into wholeness selflessly and fervently. She has traveled extensively with Christine, serving and pouring life into churches across many nations. She has a passion for revival and has been contending for the outpouring of the Spirit across the globe for many years.

Brian Augenstein has 20 years of experience in teaching, ministering in the prophetic and leading worship. Some of his passions include nurturing these gifts in others plus training and mentoring many young leaders. His mentoring and discipleship also includes leading men out of sexual addictions, and teaching leaders how to journey with those struggling with sexual identity.

Brian has been a math and music teacher for the most of his adult career, using teaching as a tent-making skill to disciple his students, here in the US and in Asia. He has just recently become part of the Akouo team, having traveled on a handful of Akouo trips in the last year.